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Your wedding in Marrakech

Get married at our venue, and we handle the rest for you.

In the City of a Thousand and One Nights, your wedding becomes a reality

We understand that your wedding is a precious moment in your life, and we’re here to make your dream a reality.

Whether you want a traditional Moroccan, bohemian, modern or themed wedding, we’re here to bring your vision to life.


Marrakech Retreat: the ideal setting for an exceptional love ceremony

In the heart of splendid Marrakech, between the Atlas Mountains, nestles our stunning villa, ready to host your wedding. At the Marrakech Retreat Villa, we offer you an outstanding setting to celebrate your love in all its glory.

Our completely personalized services

We believe that every wedding is unique. That’s why we take care of every detail to create a personalized celebration that reflects your love and style. Our complete services include:

Personalized decoration

One of our centerpieces is the floral ceremony arch. A floral work of art created with passion, with an aisle lined with rose petals. Every step you take will be a moment of pure magic. 

Our team transforms the space for the reception. Elegantly decorated tables, fresh flowers and exquisite details create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. 

After the festivities, the dance floor becomes the center of the action. Softly lit and surrounded by sparkling decorations.

Mariages - Wedding - Marrakech

Wedding cocktail and vin d'honneur: Elegance and conviviality

Marrakech Retreat’s roof top is an idyllic setting for your wedding cocktail reception and vin d’honneur. We’ve designed this space with meticulous attention to detail to make these moments as unforgettable as the ceremony itself.

Our talented team will create handcrafted cocktails specially designed for your special evening. Whether it’s a refreshing non-alcoholic cocktail or a signature drink, every sip will be a celebration of taste.

Wedding Dinner

Under a starry sky and surrounded by the enchanting beauty of Marrakech, the wedding dinner is an exceptional culinary experience. You and your guests will be greeted by sumptuously laid tables, ready to offer you an evening of unforgettable flavors.

A refined menu, blending the delights of Moroccan cuisine with international flavors. Each dish is a culinary work of art, prepared with fresh local ingredients to delight your senses and tantalize your taste buds.

Dinner concludes with a breathtaking wedding cake. Our talented pastry chef will create a unique centerpiece that will dazzle your guests and add a sweet, sumptuous note to the evening.


Our talented artists, singers and musicians bring a touch of authenticity and emotion to your wedding. Whether it’s a saxophonist, a traditional Moroccan music group, a trendy DJ or a solo singer, every note is interpreted with passion and precision.

We offer a dazzling fire show that unfolds with breathtaking energy. A talented artist presents a fiery performance that will enchant your senses.

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